Mindfully Creative
and Weaving with Water at
Cortijo Romero, Spain

Weaving with Water, Cortijo Romero, Spain

13 -20 July 2019
​​The ​​​​​​​Weaving with Water course at Cortijo Romero in Spain is about the sheer joy of being mindfully creative.

Exploring daily themes, such as touch, sight, sound or movement, participants immerse themselves in purposeful play and in creating things that mean something to them. 

Cortijo Romero is one of Europe’s leading centres for holistic holidays.  Hidden within an ancient olive grove and cradled by mountains, it’s a truly peaceful and restorative place. 

Cortijo Romero has abundant gardens, a splendid pool, buildings in traditional style and a uniquely supportive atmosphere.  It offers vegetarian and vegan food and en suite accommodation.

The week strikes an effective balance between creative challenges and the chance for rest and recuperation in good company. There are opportunities to explore the surrounding areas, including the mountains above the centre and the weekly market.

The Week

This is a week in which to release and revive the creative self, whilst having time in the sun.  Using meditation and visualisation to focus the imagination, participants are surprised at what they can achieve.

You may get mucky, use your whole body and have a really playful time. You’ll be great at all of it.

What you will do

Through the week, you will dance, paint, draw, mould, listen, make and write, using meditation and visualisation practices to focus your mind and your imagination.

The process will appeal to your senses and your sense of fun, whilst asking gentle questions about who and where you are in your life.

Being Creative

We are all creative in one way or another, but sometimes life knocks it out of us.  Whether you have no artistic experience or have a lot, this course will refresh and release something important about your creative self.

​To quote Maya Angelou, ‘you can’t use up creativity.  The more you use, the more you have’.

An Outline Programme
All Cortijo Romero weeks start on a Saturday and there is lots of help on hand to get you from Malaga Airport up into the mountains, ready to start your holiday. You will leave on the following Saturday morning, again with help on hand to get you where you need to go.
An outline week on ​​​Weaving with Water, although expect some variation

Saturday:  arrive, relax, swim, eat, glass of wine, chat and sleep

Sunday:  Exploration of touch, using dance, drawing and work with tactile surfaces

Monday:Exploration of movement, through dance, painting and words

Tuesday:  A trip into the mountains and the villages there

Wednesday: Exploration of symbolism and powerful words, making tokens and prayer flags

Thursday:  Sights and Sites.  Drawing and painting using a range of materials, inspired by a trip to Orgiva Market and the immediate CR surroundings.

Friday:  Representing the creative self, through images, words, collage, drawing and painting

Saturday:  ​Homeward bound


Here's what people say

About ​Weaving with Water


'I thoroughly enjoyed the course. It was playful, fun and inspiring'.

'Gaynor was calm, very well prepared and good at both listening to individual participants and delivering the course content. Skilled at drawing creativity out from participants in many and varied ways.'

'Gaynor was an excellent course leader. She had prepared everything very well but was flexible and responsive to the group.’ 

‘She was very positive and encouraging and I came away feeling inspired to do more creative things at home and with ideas to follow up.’


‘Content was nicely structured with a different theme each day. All the sessions were enjoyable.’

About Cortijo Romero

“There is nowhere I know that looks after you so carefully and removes the stresses of life for such a wonderful

“A unique and stunning location and atmosphere ... great staff, superb setting, incredible food.”

Further information and how to book

For further information on Cortijo Romero and all it has to offer, view the website:  https://www.cortijo-romero.co.uk

......or contact 

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P.O. Box 5450
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Tel: +44 (0)1494 765775

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